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Your Retirement

A retirement plagued by health problems, few social contacts, and funds that barely cover your basic bills. Is this where you're headed?

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3 Foundational Retirement Blocks (FHS)

There are three important areas to evaluate when either planning for retirement or after you are retired: financial, health, and social concerns.

Once you have made an honest assessment of each of the areas, you can set goals for making desired improvements in each area and develop a plan on how to attain those goals. These 3 areas are the three cornerstone foundation blocks on which you can build a solid retirement.


Financial Block

One definition of being financially rich is that you are rich when you can live on your non-working income. This definition, however, does not set a standard for the quality of a financially rich life. What does set a standard? The Financial Block of your Retirement Assessment (Step 2) will tell you.


Health Block

You might have heard the adage, "You can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have your health, you have nothing." Health is critically important to enjoying your retirement years. The Health Block of your Retirement Assessment (Step 2) will assess your health heading into your retirement years.


Social Block

There have been several studies that have shown that for some people their work is their entire life. After they stop working, they don't live long. Why is this? The Social Block of your Retirement Assessment (Step 2) will give some insight why this is and where you're heading socially.

Retirement of your Dreams

It Starts with Three Simple Steps


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Retirement Assessment


My Retirement Assessment will assess your Three Foundation Retirement Blocks and provide an honest assessment of each of the areas. We will discuss your assessment in your Free Consultation to determine what steps you can take to strengthen each block.


Implement Your Action Plan


Once we determine the steps that can be taken to stengthen each of the retirement blocks, we can work to implement your action plan, so you have definable steps to take and understand in a "1,2,3"-"A,B,C" way on how to successfully implement those steps.

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