By Kathleen Nelson on June 10, 2014

While listening to the news recently, I heard a summary of a study on health and sociability. The study found that people who spent a large percentage of their time with other people had a lower incidence of chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease than people who spent most of their time alone. For me this research finding just underscored the need to continually broaden my circle of friends and associates. It's easy to become more isolated as one ages. Children move away; friends move away; people pass away. It's easy to become isolated later in life. It might take some effort, but working at maintaining and/or replacing social contacts pays off BIG. In addition to the physical health rewards, social interaction is good for one's mental health. Social interaction can give people opportunities to work through problems, vent negative feelings, and alleviate depression. I guess it follows that if stress contributes to cancer and heart disease, alleviating stress would reduce the incidence of cancer and heart disease. And, interacting with people also makes living more interesting.


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